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KALARI PYROVATEX Flame Retardant Finish Coveralls

Inherent Flame Retardants Coverall

Fire Hazards are a harsh reality of many different industrial sectors, PYROVATEX plays a critical role in reducing the heat element of the fire, thus, transforming the garment into a shield against fire. Our Fire Retardant -garments are engineered to resist and stop the fire and heat, from reaching the body of the person wearing it.

In case of exposure to fire or heat from phenomena like Flash Fire, Electrical Fire or Molten Metal, PYROVATEX reacts with the heat and does not allow the garment to ignite. Along with being effective and outstandingly economical, the garment feels amazingly. comfortable because of its natural fabric.

• PYROVATEX treated fabrics offer a comprehensive protection against fire hazards, proved by vigorous test standards.

• Thermal protection offered by PYROVATEX is unparalleled by any other treated fabrics.

Our Fire Retardant garments are manufacturd with Pre-shrunk Fabric, blocking any seepage of fire or heat, also disallowing the fabric to further shrink due to heat.

•Since PYROVATEX is used on cotton, a naturally occurring fabric, it does not melt, thus being safer for the person wearing it.

• A strong work force requires clothing and protection, which is as strong as them. Along with being tough and strong, PYROVATEX Cotton is soft on the skin and a naturally breathable fabric, making it the best companion during challenging tasks.

• Our bespoke garments fit like a glove and never interfere with your work.

Industry Application
1. Oil & Gas Industry
2. Chenical Industry
3. Energy & Power
4. Welding / Metal indusrtry
5. Armed Forces Energy & power
6. Shipping Industry

Inherent Flame Retardants Coverall

Machine wash, hot - Initial water temperature should not exceed 60°C OR 140°F. Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat - A machine dryer may be regularly used at a maximum of Low Heat setting. Do Not Bleach - No bleach product may be used. The garment is not colorfast or structurally able to withstand any bleach. Do Not Dryclean - Garment may not be commercially drycleaned.

Inherent Flame Retardants Coverall

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