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Judo Karate Uniform

Judo Karate Uniform

‘SANCTUM work-wear’ manufacture Judo-Karate uniforms with best clothing quality and material. These Judo-Karate uniforms are extremely sturdy and designed to accept a lot of pulling and sheering before succumbing to abuse.


These uniforms are made from fabrics, which are woven from the strongest of the yarns. ’Judo-karate’ uniforms are designed to fit and endure rigorous combat sessions, owing to their reinforced patterns and triple stitched seams.


Uniform Care:
1. Wash the uniform after each time you wear it as the sweat gets absorbed in it.
2. Wash it quickly and do not allow your karate uniform to stand before being washed.  
3. Use cold water, a stain remover and fabric whitener for the uniform.
4. Do not keep the uniform in the washing machine for long as it may turn mildew and yellow.

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